Backbone One Review - The Best iPhone Gaming Controller

Updated: Jul 17

The Backbone One Mobile controller is the ultimate way to improve your online gaming experience on the go.

The Backbone One Gaming Controller is hands down the future of mobile gaming on the iPhone. Here's why you should consider it as your next gaming upgrade.

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Not only is it the best solution for gaming on any mobile device —Android device or iOS — but the design of the Backbone One seems to be the inspiration for Apple’s own OEM controller, which has yet to be released.

While we are waiting for Apple to do pull their act together, the Backbone One Gaming Controller is the device you need if you are serious about mobile gaming.

The Backbone One is Made For Travel

Unlike other controllers, even the Root Riot that I rave over, the Backbone One is made for travel.

Similar in design to the Nintendo Switch, your phone is cradled in the middle of a spilt controller design.

This makes the entire set up slim, light weight, and easy to carry. It is also very low-profile, providing the ultimate convenience.

The controller also features double left and right triggers (I.e. L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons), making it seamless for use with mobile first person shooters like Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite.

There are also a few additional function buttons, twin joysticks, a menu button — as well as A, B, X, and Y buttons.

Best yet, it expands to easy fit the Pro Max iPhone screen with a built-in lightening port and pass-through charging.

The Backbone One Gaming Controller is Plug-n-Play at it’s Best

As we quickly cycled through some test games, the Backbone One gaming controller required no firmware, apps, or mapping. It was automatically detected and was ready for use right out of the box — what more could you ask for?

However, if you really want to, many of the games (Hitman, Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG, etc.) we tested allowed you to go into the settings to map out your layout.

When it comes to gameplay, the best part is that the Backbone One does not have an internal battery and is literally powered by your iPhone. This gives it a latency free experience! No shotty Bluetooth connections or dropped signals.

You Have A Competitive Edge with the Backbone One

The Backbone One gaming control give you both an immersive experience and a competitive advantage… especially in comparison to using a PlayStation or Xbox controller with your iPhone.

What really does it for gamers, is the fact that this control has a 3.5 mm headset jack and allows you to use your mic’d up gaming headset.

The design of the controller also makes it easy to make on-screen, touchscreen selections with comfort. This is useful because COD: Mobile and Apex Legends, in particular, have load screens that don’t support controller functions.

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If you are switching from consoles and PC to mobile gaming, or if you want something on the go — I definitely recommend the Backbone One gaming control.

At $100+, the controller may be a bit pricing, but the trade off of converting your iPhone into an all-in-one gaming system makes the investment well worth it.

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