Why the PSP and PSVita Systems Are Making A Comeback in 2022

The Sony PSP was the most powerful handheld system of the 2000s, handling some higher content video games like Grand Theft Auto and Tom Clancy series games. The PSP, and its later Sony Playstation Vita (also known as the PSVita or PSP Vita) successor, were revolutionary consoles and here's why you should pick on up in 2022.

If you're like me, then you can't go more than a few days without playing some sort of video game. The problem is that usually when I'm on the road or traveling for business, I can't play my favorite games because they require an internet connection.

For example, one of my favorite games to play while riding in the car or waiting at an airport is Dark Souls. It's not exactly a mobile game (in fact it's not even remotely mobile), but it requires a connection. Luckily! there's another option available that keeps me occupied while traveling: The PS Vita!

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1700+ Games

The PSP has the largest library of games. With the PSVita included, there are over 2,200 titles that you can download. Even with the shutdown of the PSP server through the Playstation Network store— new ones are still being added every year by indy developers.

Note: For context, the Nintendo Switch has been excluded from this conversation because you can dish out about $60 on a PSP as opposed to the $300 you will need to purchase a Switch without games.

Of the retro video game systems, from the original Gameboy to the Nintendo DS, the DS has 3,200 games in its library. The Sony PSVita comes in second place for a mobile game library out of any other system with just under 1300 games available for its users.

What the Nintendo DS does not have, however, is the ability to store almost every title in virtual memory on the device or extended storage.

The closest you can get to this type of access is the Wii, which comes close third place with about 900 titles available for download on their Virtual Console service.

However, the Wii is not a mobile system like the PSP or PSVita.

Portable Gaming is Now A Huge Deal!

While the PSP and Vita may not be comparable to the online game play that is Steam or even Amazon Prime gaming, it gives you the ability to play some of the best campaign titles around and a little practice on the small screen.

Portable gaming is a unique and enjoyable experience that can only be had on the PSP and few others. The ability to take your favorite games with you wherever you go makes it such a great tool for relaxation, socialization, and entertainment.

The PSP and PSVita are both small, lightweight, and easy to carry around in a bag or pocket. You can easily take it anywhere with you so long as there's enough room in your bag for it (and maybe some extra snacks).

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If your destination requires travel by car or plane—or even if you're just going across town—you'll never have to worry about forgetting some important gaming component at home again!

You'll also be able to play games on public transportation or while waiting in lines at events like conventions or sporting events without feeling like an awkward stranger who doesn't belong there (which is always great).

If You're Still Not Convinced On The PSP You Are Missing Out

The PSP is the most viable system when it comes to customization, jail-breaking, and emulators. It's removable storage allows you to update the device with custom firmware allowing you to play ROMs from almost every system — hopefully legally obtained through your personal collection.

One PSP Switch fan-created concept would actually be pretty cool!

Hands down, we believe that the PSP is a great buy for anyone who wants to play games on the go, and we hope you agree.

It has something for everyone, whether you’re just looking for some quick fun or want an immersive gaming experience that keeps you glued to your TV or mobile screen until bedtime.

We know there are other portable consoles out there but none of them offer everything we have listed above so if those are important factors then this may be perfect for you!

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