Razer Seiren X vs Blue Yeti Blackout - Which has better sound quality?

Updated: Jun 22

Nowadays it is not that difficult to have high-quality microphones on hand. High-quality microphones are of high priority for streamers or podcasters.

It is important that the tracks offer clarity so that their content is easy to enjoy. That's why Razer Seiren and Blue Yeti Blackout are the two candidates for the best microphones you can buy.

The Razer Seiren X and Blue Yeti blackout are condenser microphones with four polar patterns— cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo. 

It is interesting in comparing these two microphones, as both offer competitive and high-quality features.

Durability is more of a concern than you may think.

One of the main differences between the Razer Seiren X and the Blue Yeti blackout is the technology of the USB port.

The Razer Seiren X is equipped with a micro USB port compatible with most modern devices and accessories.

The Blue Yeti Blackout is provided with a standard USB only, meaning it can only be used with Mac or PC without additional converters.

The Blue Yeti Blackout also has no cable class. According to the top tech reviewers, the cable tends to break, unlike a Razer Seiren X wire. However, this typically happens when it is pulled accidentally.

On the other hand, the Razer Seiren X has a stocked braided cable that is a bit more durable.

For long-term use, the Blue Yeti Blackout is much more durable than the Razer Seiren x microphones themselves. The Razer Seiren X is believed to be more fragile due to its structure and lighter weight.

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Which microphone offers the best cost to benefit ratio?

The Razer Seiren X is undoubtedly a powerful and modern microphone. It is very powerful in most situations. However, the Blue Yeti Blackout is also a powerful microphone that comes at a far less price tag than Razer Seiren based on its features.

While you can typically find the Blue Yeti Blackout for about $99, the Razer Seiren X ranges from $129 to $199.

While it hasn’t been addressed in many other reviews, in all honesty, with Razer you are paying for the name and right now the company is the “Bugatti” of gaming accessories next to its main competition Alienware.

Razer has become widely popularized by game streamers and tech reviews in particular as the company dished out hundreds of freebies in its infancy.

Now at the top, if you are serious about turning gaming, streaming, podcasting, etc. into a full-time career paying for the brand loyalty may be worth it on a longer timeline.

However, it seems like Razer may be catching on. If you are lucky, you can find the Seiren X now listed closer to the $99 price tag with some major retailers.

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Ease of Use and Firmware Capabilities

Ease of use is based upon preference and both the Razer Seiren X and the Blue Yeti Blackout function out of the box in completely different ways.

For streamers and casters utilizing OBS and other sharing container software, the Razer Seiren X is easier to use than the Blue Yeti Blackout.

This is simply because Razer pairs its devices with on-screen firmware that allows you to adjust device settings from your computer rather than with manual calibration. With the Razer Seiren X, the screen is predefined and shows the current pattern settings.

However, if you value plug-and-play capabilities that are ready out of the box then the Blue Yeti is for you.

With the Blackout, there is no need to download additional software to your device. However, the Blackout will require some tinkering and experimenting in order to produce the sound quality or effect that you desire.

If you want a microphone that can easily record music, song, or podcasts, consider the Blue Yeti Blackout.

So...how does this sound?

In terms of sound quality, Blue Yeti Blackout can produce more sophisticated sound outputs than the Razer Seiren X.

The Blackout can produce more sound pattern combinations, making it better for those who need to adjust their sound based on location or sound level. If you want your pronunciation to be heard in a natural and intelligible way, Blue Yeti Blackout is your friend.

The Blue Yeti Blackout is for music lovers and professionals, not just for gamers. It has excellent build quality, several polar patterns, a separate analog circuit for the professional studio mixer, and guarantees great sound.

If you are a game streamer or YouTuber who doesn't care about the ability to adjust sound patterns, Razer Seiren X is a good microphone to use. The Razer produces a warmer, expanding audio output.

However, the difference between the two is quite subtle, only an expert can tell the difference.

Regardless, both microphones are excellent for recording interviews, audio broadcasts, podcasts, or live talk shows for later release.

You can stand out in the competition through the recording resolution with either peripheral.

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The Razer Seiren X and Blue Yeti Blackout offer very similar features. In terms of price, the Razer Seiren X is more expensive than the Blue Yeti Blackout.

Due to the subtle difference between the two, the Blue Yeti Blackout is at the top, due to its cheaper price and its truly adjustable features.

The Blue Yeti also offers features just as good as the Razer Seiren X. In addition to its long life and clarity of speech, the Blue Yeti Blackout ranks first, making it perfect for professionals.

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