Top 4 Handheld Gaming Consoles of 2022

Updated: Aug 4

Handheld video game consoles are the best ones. Not only are they compact but they pack enough processing and GP power to run even the AAA games.

In this article, we will showcase 5 of the best handheld gaming consoles to help you find the right one.

The Nintendo Switch OLED

Starting with the first of the five, of course we have the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the others on the list, the Switch is recognized the most by the masses.

The Nintendo Switch OLED, however, if a revamped model of the widely popular Nintendo Switch – with a better display and lots of useful perks.

For a wholesome gaming experience, it is currently the biggest and brightest Switch console due to its 7 inch OLED screen. This comes in contrast to the 6.2 inch original Switch and the 5.5 inch Switch Lite, both of which utilize a LCD screen.

With the OLED, games appear more vivid illuminated and soothing to the eye – even outdoors.

Another welcoming feature is its inclusion of a wide adjustable stand that makes tabletop gaming more convenient for you. The Nintendo Switch OLED's speakers have also been upgraded further enhancing the console's immersion.

Lastly the dock now has a wired LAN port that is quite useful while gaming with this console in docking mode.

Pow Kitty RGB 10 Max

Next up at number four, we have the Pow Kitty RGB 10 Max — a retro gaming console filled with over 17,000 old school games to take you on a trip down to the memory lane.

Despite being a rotor console the Pow Kitty RGB 10 Max is packed with modernized features including a 5-inch IPS, quad-core 1.5GHz CPU, 4200mAh Li-polymer Battery, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, and an Open Source Linux interface.

If you're thinking about reliving the good old days of retro games then we highly recommend the Pow Kitty RGB 10 Max.

Intel's OneXPlayer

Coming in third, we have the Intel-based OneXPlayer handheld console that performs as good as it looks.

Under the hood this portable machine is packing a Intel Core i7-1195G7 with a processing speed of up to 2.9 GHz coupled with 16 gigs of RAM and one TB of SSD storage.

With all that, the OneXPlayer runs titles like Cyberpunk 2077 as smoothly as some of the top gaming PCs on the market — all on a 8.4 inch IPS LCD display. This all happens with no worries, because this handheld also packs dual internal heat pipes that regular the onboard temperature.

Best yet! These is even a thunderbolt port and adjustable stand for pairing it up with your desktop multi-platform gaming setup.

Overall, the OneXPlayer is a powerful handheld console that is all about high-res gaming and amazing flexibility.


Coming in at last, but definitely not least, is the AYANEO2 and it's predecessor AYANEO NEXT, Ryzen powered handheld gaming consoles with top of the line AMD processors.

These consoles look minimalist but have an amazing battery backup. The controls of the AYANEO resembles the layout of the Nintendo Switch and comes in two color schemes — black star and white moon.

When Steam Deck hit the scene, the AYANEO NEXT dominated and it continues to pull ahead to this day.

However, the AYANEO devices have been priced significantly higher than a Steam Deck, with the AYANEO NEXT running over $1300.

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